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kabob2 653 Days ago

plz help me bro full toplist code with ssort photo plz

safi6382 650 Days ago

Go→ Admim mode→ Edit site→ User→ User Profile→ MARK Activate user profiles:→ MARK Display profile form in registration page: in Profile form (default) *:

<div class="all"><b>Site Title:</b> ::var 1(40):: </div>
<br />
<div class="all"> <b>URL:</b> ::var 2(50):: </div>
<br />
<div class="all"> <b>Description:</b> ::var 3(area)::</div>
in Registration Profile form
SITE INFO<b>Site Title:</b><br/>
::var 1(40):: <br/>
<b>URL: </b> <br/><b>(With http://<br/> ex.</b><br/>
::var 2(50):: <br/>
<b>Description:</b><br/>::var 3(area)::
then set. In HomePage Note..Remove Space Between: userstats:: paging:
:userstats:d=ru, o=cr, l=7, s=1 :: %sn%. <a href='%prvar-2%'> %prvar-1%</a> <span style="color: red;"> [%credit%]</span><br/> %prvar-3% <br/> <br/> :80userstats76aging:n=1,u=site_0.xhtml?get-site=%n% ::<div class="bmenu" align="center">%prev% | %next% </div> :/paging:
paging:" size="7"/>

safi6382 650 Days ago

loading.......Last Code→ Go Edit Site→ Add autocontent→ Autocontent for profiles→ 1st box add

Then SetNow Go -3 Site Id nd Added This Code
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url="/>
Now Go Edit Site→ User→ Items visibility→ Click ( g c t l p U )→ URL GET variableDisplay item if URL -GETvariable:
Set URL variable visibility


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