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How To Hack Facebook Account Free

The problem with beginners is rather than going into core concepts of hacking they often search on google terms like Hack facebook account free or Facebook hacking. Even I was a beginner once, being a beginner is okay, that’s fine. So thinking of my beginner days I thought to make a beginner friendly tutorial to hack Facebook Account Free. So Let’s begin with it.

Hack Facebook Account Free – Tutorial
This tutorial doesn’t teach you how to hack facebook account ’s sophisticated security protocols. Of course, the security analysts in Facebook’s office are not hired for playing cards.

But there is a workaround to Hack Facebook Account Free by fooling a user to get his/her username and password. Here I will show you one such workaround.

This technique employs making a knock-off login page which looks identical to Facebook’s login page and then you use some social engineering skills by making ur victim visit and log in with his username password into the knock-off Facebook login page made by you. Hence storing his/her username password. Which you can see.

Requirements to Hack Facebook Account Free
A Copy of Facebook’s Login Page
A PHP script which intercepts and takes away the input data from the login form
A text file which stores all the username password
A Web-Host Account
A Domain Name
Now As You Are A Beginner Then, of course, these requirements is certainly not feasible for you.

What if I Tell you, You can put all these requirements and start to hack facebook account free in Auto-Pilot. Yes, You Heard it Right. Without getting your hand into the programming and getting a web-host account, you can do all these in a matter of minutes.

Click on the link Down below to view the PDF file explaining all the steps with detailed screenshots.

Click Here To View

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