Who hacker? What is hacking? And what are the types of hackers? Know it

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What is hacking?
Hacking is a process where someone enters a computer or computer network without any valid permission.
Those hackers are hackers. You know almost all of these things. We all know hacking, just hacking any web site, many hacking ideas, hacking means just computer or computer network, what is actually Not really.
There may be many types of hacking. If you use your mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, different electronics and digital devices without the legal permission, then it may be hacked. Hackers usually hack the errors of these electronics devices by hacking them.

What is the hacker?
Hacker: The person who practices hacking is called a hacker. They know all the information including system structure, operation, how it works, which will be hacking the system. Before the computer was not so prevalent, hacker was hacking the phone. Calling on the phone was called Phreaker and the process is called Phreaking. They used to hack various telecommunication systems and use it for their own needs.

There are three types of hacker :
Let's say hackers are identified with a hat or hat.
1.White hat hacker
2.Grey hat hacker
3.Black hat hacker

White hat hacker: Everyone think hacking is a bad thing, is not it? No hacking is not very bad. White hat hacker Hackers prove that hacking is not a bad thing. For example, a white hat hacker brings out a security system error, and the security mechanism of that security system tells the error quickly. Now the security system can be a computer, a computer network, a web site, a software etc.

Gray hat hacker: Gray hat hacker is a two-face snake. Explain why I am saying this now. When they remove errors in a security system, they will act like their mind. He will do what he wants at that time. If he wishes, the security mechanism of the security system can cause flaws or may see or destroy information and damage. Again it can be used for its own interests. Most Haikar Rai falls in the category.

Black hat hacker: And the most dangerous hacker is Black hat hacker. When they find out the errors of a security system, they quickly use that error for their own sake. That system is broken. Different viruses spread. In the future, the way he can enter himself again in the future. Above all, the sub-system under which system tries to access it.

Hackers are very intelligent, it is well known or everyone knows. In a very good hacker life, no bad hacking has done. But they did a hacking to trap or get rid of someone. When any of the above categories, pelabe him? He is also Grey hat hacker because his hacking depends on his wishes or thoughts.

Below, I introduce you to a few types of people
Anarchists: Anarchists are those hackers who prefer to break different computer security systems or any other system. They work to find opportunities for any target.

Crackers: Many times the harmful hacker is called cracker. Bad hackers are crackers. Their shock or profession is broken by breaking across password and creating Trojan Horses and making other harmful software. (Are you one of them? Then you are the King of Hacking) The harmful software is called Warez. They use these harmful software for their own use or sell them for their own benefit.

Script kiddies: They are not real hackers. There is no real knowledge about hacking. They are downloading or purchasing various Warez and using it after hacking.
Hackers make hacking in many ways. I'm discussing a few types of hacking

Passhing : You almost know everything about pissing. I am sharing some links below and reading these will know better and protect yourself from pissing.
Denial of Service attack: Denial of Service attack: DoS Attack is a process where hackers lose access to a network without losing any access to it. Enhanced net connection or router tariff at DoS Attack.
Trojan Horses: is a program that destroys other programs. It's all known as Virus. Using trojan horses, the other programs can easily get rid of passwords or other data by hackers.
Rogue Access Points: Hackers use Rogue Access Points to access a wireless network.
There are also many other hackers who can hacking. I want to tell them that there is no such error in your computer or network system. I'm hacker i am anti hacker My job is to prevent hacking or hackers.

Some Precise Tricks to Avoid Hacking
1. If you do not use to download or use any unfamiliar software, even if you use it as your friend (not all friends, do not believe in those who do not do it again). If a software is downloaded immediately, then you can find out about the net.
2. When you login to a site, check the address of the ticket thoroughly. Avoid logging in with links from mail anytime.
3. If you are a developer, then you must have better knowledge of security than normal user.
4. Give password more than 8 digits Through generator software, you can break the password of more digitized computer with normal computer. As long as you do not pass the password with the number of numbers. And now supports almost all the Unicode sites, so if you use any word, then use the words of the country itself, which is easy to remember. So do not worry that I'm telling you to use words. Avoid use as far as possible. Do not say the full English word.
5. And refrain from logging in to unknown sites.

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